Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Guero, by Beck

I grabbed this bootleg pre-release (link to torrent file) to see if it would be worth buying the CD when it comes out. Like a bunch of his other albums, I love some of it and don't like other parts as much. Some of the songs sound disjointed, jumbled up, sloppy, and some sound boring, mainstream. But I think, like with his other albums, it'll grow on me and I'll see the brillance that might not be obvious on a first listen. So I'm going to make a rare exception and actually buy this CD—or, actually, the CD/DVD special release that has six remixes and a DVD of videos to go along with the music. The cheapest place to buy it online that I found is cdwow. The price went up, though, since I looked at it yesterday. I gotta go buy it now!

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