Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Guero, by Beck

I grabbed this bootleg pre-release (link to torrent file) to see if it would be worth buying the CD when it comes out. Like a bunch of his other albums, I love some of it and don't like other parts as much. Some of the songs sound disjointed, jumbled up, sloppy, and some sound boring, mainstream. But I think, like with his other albums, it'll grow on me and I'll see the brillance that might not be obvious on a first listen. So I'm going to make a rare exception and actually buy this CD—or, actually, the CD/DVD special release that has six remixes and a DVD of videos to go along with the music. The cheapest place to buy it online that I found is cdwow. The price went up, though, since I looked at it yesterday. I gotta go buy it now!

Beck's website


Blogger Mark said...

I just bought Guero and am half way through it at work. So far I am a little disappointed. I was expecting (maybe hoping) that this album was going to sound like the recent iTunes only EP Beck released. Very 8-bit video game sounding, very unique.

Guero (thus far) seems to be another album to be filed under Beck's experimental musings like his last 2 releases have been. I would have expected a more "radio friendly" offering this time around because of the Dust Brother's involvement, but have yet to hear that.

Nevertheless, he has created something unique and interesting that I'm sure will grow on me, just as all of his following albums have.

Mason: after listening to the album for some time, how would you say it compares?

March 31, 2005 at 2:24 PM  

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